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As school lets out, people go on vacation, and attendance declines, summer can be a challenging time for churches. But this time of year also presents many wonderful opportunities to connect more people into the life of your church. Here are 3 meaningful summer outreach ideas to serve your community when the temperatures rise.


Outdoor movie night


All you need is a rented projector, popcorn machine, and cold drinks to host a family-friendly movie night for your community.

Tell your church about the movie night a few weeks in advance and encourage them to invite friends, coworkers, and neighbors to join. Ask everyone to bring blankets or lawn chairs, and have some extras on hand.

Set up signs on the road by your church that advertise the movie night. You’ll have the chance to draw in more people from your community, and when newcomers arrive for the event, they’ll know they’ve found the right place.


Vacation Bible School


VBS is one of the best ways to reach out to families in your community each summer! Encourage church members to invite people they know — word of mouth is often your best advertising.

A text messaging service like Response makes VBS sign-up a breeze. Families can sign up from anywhere and get reminders to show up at the right place and on time.

Help kids host a performance or presentation on the last day for parents to learn about how their kids have been spending the week!


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Cool Zone


Some members of your community (especially the elderly) may be at risk for health issues as outdoor temperatures rise. If the forecast is calling for a dangerously hot day, consider setting up a Cool Zone at your church that is open to the public.

Invite people into classrooms, your fellowship hall, or the sanctuary — wherever you have the space. Provide guests with cool drinks, snacks, extra fans, and some entertainment, such as movies, books, card games, and coloring books for kids.

If you have a church van, you can even shuttle people to and from your church who may not otherwise have transportation. This could also be a great way to partner with other churches in your area. If you pool volunteers and resources at the church with the most space, you can serve your community more effectively together.


No matter what fun summer outreach events you have planned, Response is the best way to promote your church events. Use Response to increase sign-ups, share information, and send reminders. Get started free today!