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#1 Way to Promote Your Church Events

The best way to promote your church events and increase event sign ups. Response helps you publicize your church event, share information, grow your sign up list, and remind people to show up.

5-7 Min Set up

Anyone Can Create

Attach Location

Automatic Reminders

Response makes event registration a breeze

RSVP’s have never been so easy. Even better, auto text-reminders help everyone show up on time and to the right spot. 

Try out Response for:

  • New Visitor Lunches
  • Baby Showers
  • Fundraisers
  • Church Picnics
  • Fall Festivals
  • Baptism Sunday
  • Special Services (Christmas Eve)

RSVP From anywhere

Share your journey keyword during your service or online and people can instantly RSVP for the event.

Automatic Reminders

Send event reminders from a week to 30 minutes before the event and everything in between.

Try it yourself…

Text hello to (719) 215-4561

Why create your events with Response?

Encourage your church to sign up for events with a simple text message. There’s no better way to get RSVPs, gather email addresses, or build a simple sign up list for your event.

Attach Links

Add links to any website to provide more information about the event.

Include Images and Videos

Attach images, Youtube or Vimeo videos to your messages to increase impact.

Address Validation

The event location is built right into the message for easy navigation.


Powerful Forms

Capture even more information from your event attendees with forms.

Personalized Messages

Make guests feel welcome by customizing the message to feel personal.

Automatic Reminders

Reminders are sent before the event to remind everyone attending of the location and time.