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How to Recruit Children’s Ministry Volunteers

The #1 way to recruit children’s ministry volunteers, simple and fast. Response helps your children’s ministry connect with volunteers without all the fuss.

3-5 Min Set up

Anyone Can Create

Attach Links

Attach Forms

Simple for volunteers. Less mess for your team.

Ask potential volunteers to text a keyword to your church number and they’ll get an instant reply with details and next steps. You’ll get notified so you can reach out personally.

    Sign Up from anywhere

    It can be hard to connect a potential volunteer with a ministry leader. Instead, let them do it from right where they are seated

    Link to forms

    Have forms all volunteers need to fill out? Link directly to them in your journey or build your own custom form

    Try it yourself…

    Text hello to (719) 215-4561

    Try Response today and make it easy to recruit children’s ministry volunteers at your church.

    Attach Links

    Add links to any website to provide more information about the volunteer posistion.

    Include Images and Videos

    Attach images, Youtube or Vimeo videos to your messages to increase impact.

    Personalized Messages

    Make volunteers feel welcome by customizing the message to feel personal.