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QR codes are a fast way to connect people to specific web pages, which means your church can now deliver more information on demand. Creating a QR code is a quick and simple task, and you can tailor them for specific needs. Plus, they are easy for users! By scanning a QR code with a smartphone camera, anyone in your church or community can access more information, a sign-up form, or send a text message.

Where is the best place to add QR codes? Simply put, any printed materials people see about your church. If you’re not sure how to get started, here are 3 ideas you can implement right away:


Post Cards


Maximize the power of direct mail with a QR code to provide more information, without taking up space.

It’s most effective to link a QR code with information related to the postcard. For example, for an upcoming event, the QR code can link to the registration page. For postcard invitations, link to a pastor’s video message or the visitor’s page on your church website.

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Banners & Signage

Add a QR code to a banner on the front of your church. People passing by can get information on service times and other church details.

Set up signs near the entrance with a welcome message for visitors inside your church. New guests can easily scan the QR code to connect and get a follow-up after the service.




Cut down on the amount of text you need to print in each bulletin with QR codes. Link to upcoming events, volunteer registration, or details about small groups.


Remember, can link QR codes to more than just a webpage. You can also set them up to text your church phone number. This allows people to connect instantly and get integrated into your follow-up program. Try it for yourself free today at Response.