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Currently, 98% of the adults in the US own a mobile phone. It’s likely most people coming into your church every week have a mobile phone. So it’s no surprise that text messaging has become a preferred method of communication.

Stil not sure if now is the right time to add texting into your church communication plan? Check out these text messaging stats and how they could be impacting your church.


Text messaging has a 98% open rate and 45% response rate [1]


Imagine reaching almost 100% of the people in your church with a single message. That could be life-changing!

No matter what communication methods you currently use, adding text messaging will increase the reach of every message you send. What does this mean for your church? You could see return visitors, deeper connections, and more people integrated into the life of your church.


60% of people read texts within 1-5 minutes [2]


When you need to quickly send an announcement or update a group, text messaging is your best option. Not only is it easy to create the message, but your recipients are likely to see the message within minutes of it hitting their phones. Why is this? Unlike email, most smartphones by default send a push notification to alert users of a new message. This grabs people’s attention, even if they aren’t actively using their phones.

Also, text messages get 4 times the clicks on average compared to emails. If you’re sending emails every week and feel like no one’s reading or taking action, give text messaging a try.

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Only 13% of organizations let people respond to text messages.[3]


Did you know some organizations’ text messages can’t accept replies? What if a recipient has a question or wants more information?

Those organizations are missing out.

One of the best benefits of group text messaging is the ability to make connections through 1-to-1 conversations.

Fortunately, with Response you can easily find and interact with all replies right from your personal dashboard. Join free today and try it for yourself!