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"Whoa! Connecting has never been this easy..."

Response does the heavy lifting when it comes to meeting new people at your church.

Ask visitors to text to your free church number and you (or your staff) can instantly reach out.

Response makes it easy to share encouragement, manage prayer requests, get ministry volunteers, and more!

Unlimited text messaging plus a free church number

Communication that gets noticed

Organize your small groups

Church events & sign up forms

Instant connection through SMS text

Using simple SMS texting means every message gets noticed moments from when it's sent.

Now you can gather RSVPs, drive interest in special events, and even build simple forms.

Connect your leaders to anyone interested in attending their group. You even get automatic reminders about meeting time and location.

No emails, addresses, or contact information to lose. You'll get connected instantly through text message and you can easily call for a quick chat.

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Affordable Texting For Churches 

Response is the easy and affordable way for churches to connect with their people.

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Connect with guests in your church

Follow up with visitors

Use texting in church outreach

Discover new strategies to reach more visitors and integrate them into your church’s life.

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