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You invest a lot of time and effort into creating meaningful church events. And you want all to feel welcomed. Events give church members an opportunity to form deeper connections, and they are a low-stress way for visitors to get to know your church and people.

But how do you get people to actually show up? Check out these 5 simple ways to increase attendance at your next church event. 


Increase awareness 


For people to come to your event, they have to first know about it. Flyers and outdoor signage are great ways to invite your church members and people in the community. Post details of the event on your website and social media pages. Share photos and videos from a past event so people know what to expect and are excited to join in the fun. Encourage people to invite their friends, neighbors and co-workers. 


Make it easy to RSVP


The easier the RSVP process, the more likely people are to do it, so forgo long URLs or complicated sign-up forms. 

The easiest way to get RSVPs is through text message. People can text a keyword (related to the event) to your custom church number.  They’ll get an instant reply with the date, time, and location. And you’ll have an up-to-date headcount for planning. 

With text messages, you can also include a simple form to gather more details, like names, ages, or food preferences. 


Automate reminders


Another benefit to using text messaging for events is that you can automate reminders, saving you a ton of time. Plus, reminders make it more likely that people will attend. Depending on how far in advance the event is, you can send a few reminders of the date, time, and other important details.

Here’s a sample reminder schedule: 

1 week before the event: Save the date! Grace Church Potluck is this Saturday at 6pm. 

1 day before the event: Reminder: Join us tomorrow at 6pm in the courtyard for food, fun, and fellowship. Bring a friend!

Day of the event: Potluck starts at 6pm at 1234 Main St. We can’t wait to see you there!

With a text messaging service, you can easily alert everyone with a group message if there is a last-minute change of plans. 

Emphasize location


This may seem obvious, but helping attendees show up to the right spot will increase attendance. You don’t want people feeling frustrated or unwelcomed because they weren’t sure where to go. Inform people where to park, and provide shuttle information if parking is off-site. If hosting an event at the church, tell people where to go once inside. Set out directional signage and have plenty of volunteers on hand to greet people and get them to the right place. 


Follow up after the event


For those who were in attendance, follow up with a text message to thank them for coming, and ask how they enjoyed the event. You can also take this opportunity to invite everyone to a future worship service or the next event. 

And don’t forget about those who were not in attendance! Send a text message to let them know they were missed and you look forward to seeing them soon. Even when absent, people will know they are seen and loved by you and the church. 


Response is the easiest way to increase attendance for your next church event. And you can start free today with unlimited text messages.