The start of a new year is always an exciting time with so many possibilities ahead. It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on what went well last year and what areas we could improve upon. This makes it the perfect time for churches to reevaluate their outreach program and think about ways they can better engage their local community members in future events or activities. You also want to keep your church engaged and active in the community. Accomplish both by encouraging church outreach programs that are meaningful to your congregation and community. Here are some ideas for how you can get started at the beginning of the new year!


Offer Rides Home on New Year’s Eve


Offer free transportation home from New Year’s Eve events to help people in your community safely ring in the New Year. Notify party venues ahead of time about your service and urge them to phone or text you if anyone needs a ride.


Help People Get Fit for Life


Is your church building empty most of the week? Show that your church cares for the whole person—not only the spiritual. Offer a weight-loss support group, senior health or regular fitness class (aerobics, Pilates, etc.). Host the class at your church and invite the community to attend. 


Answer Spiritual Questions


Many excellent programs are now available for leading seeker small groups. Offer a six-week class for people interested in exploring Christianity. Promote it on your social media pages with intriguing questions: Who was Jesus? How can you know for certain that you’re going to heaven? Make sure the classes are not high pressure; are open and honest; and are a welcoming place to explore Christianity. Encourage worshippers to invite their friends and unbelievers.


Host Children’s Activities


School breaks offer an opportunity for more children and family outreach. Give parents a break by opening your church doors for kids to come and enjoy crafts and stories. Like a mini-Vacation Bible School, plan to offer a short Bible lesson, teach the kids songs and facilitate games.  At the end of the week, have the kids present a song during your Sunday services and invite parents to see them perform.  


Instill Financial Confidence


Many people start the new year with a pile of bills from Christmas, making financial issues a hot topic in the new year.  Host one-night or multiple financial management seminars for your community. Include relevant topics like getting out of debt, planning for retirement, saving for college, or thriving as a single-income family. When your church shows your surrounding community that it cares about the issues that are important to them, you build a platform for connection.


People are tired of being advertised to. Instead, we should be giving them a connection and something that is meaningful in their lives. As you think about how you can make your church more inviting this year, keep these tips in mind and work on providing value for your community. 


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